• Duration

    11 Nov 2016 – 22 Nov 2016

  • Location

    Seminyak Beach – Ja Ay
    Bali, Indonesia

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Wild, exciting and eye opening, its time to take a trip down the wild side, and reconnect to the natural world.

Cared for lovingly by trained professionals, the Toronto zoo boasts species of fauna and flora from around the globe. Visit Rhinos, polar bears, Red pandas, giraffes, and a dozen other uncommon animals, all of which will set your imagination on fire.

Natural diversity

Hundreds of species, collected and bred from dozens of countries and a remarkable array of endangered series are on display at the Toronto Zoo.

Walking the kilometers of trails, learning more about these amazing creatures and their struggle for survival; A zoo visit is entertaining, enlightening and, above all, reminds us that, with more and more people living in concrete cities, the diversity of our natural world is still essential, not just spiritually, but also to the continued health of our planet.

Its funny how..

Lions are the stuff of imagination, tigers, pandas, giraffes; each word conjures the image of an animal graceful, bulky, dangerous.. the reality is much more impressive. The sheer bulk of a rhino will amaze, as will the grace of a giraffe, or the playfulness of a red panda .

A lions roar, a rhino’s bulk, the sheer power of a polar bear will astound.

As for the less dangerous though more ethereal beauty of our avian friends, the Zoo has much on offer, come make friends with beautiful peacocks, stern owls, and all manner of creatures in between!

Group trips

For a larger group, private tours can be arranged. contact us directly and well do our best to arrange a special outing you’ll never forget !

Backstage access with one of the Zoo’s most qualified guides will enthrall any visitor, with up close experiences with the animals, and a look at the care and feeding of the many hundreds of creatures the Zoo cares for. Join us and come away with a sense of wonder, and, of course, a ton of pictures !