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    11 Nov 2016 – 22 Nov 2016

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    Seminyak Beach – Ja Ay
    Rome, Italy

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Not so much a trip as an experience, Washington DC is a living, breathing , magnificent city, meant for lovers of art, architecture, history, spectacle, and, of course, politics. Come with us and stand in the footsteps of Lincoln, Jefferson, Washington, and countless others. Take a minute to appreciate the majesty of the monuments, feel the history imbued in the steps where Doctor Martin Luther King Jr once so hopefully proclaimed ‘ I have a dream’.

Take in the art at the national portrait gallery, view the constitution of the United states at the National Archives, and marvel at the Smithsonian collection; housed in more than fourteen magnificent museums ! See the splendor of the White house, the majesty of the Capitol, the calm serenity of the cherry tree lined tidal estuary. This will undoubtedly be a trip you will always remember.


Washington is the world capital of politics, a city designed from the ground up to awe. Be prepared for stunning architecture, thrilling sights, the best museum experiences in the world.

Stunning architecture, breathtaking art, and possibly the best museums in the world.

The world class art and breathtaking sights will blow you away, but invariable, what is most thrilling is the sense of living history. Feel a part of the world as has been and is being shaped around us as we walk the hallowed halls of iconic Washington sights.


The White House. Of course the first stop once we enter Washington DC must be the white house. The building is as stunning seen in real life as it is in countless movies. Larger then life, viewing the white house is the ultimate way to begin our trip.

The White House visitors center is as enthralling, with exhibits that are sure to draw you into the story of the most famous residence in the world. From there, we will go on to the Capitol building, the Mall, the Lincoln, Jefferson and Washington monuments, and of course, the wonderful Smithsonian collections.