• Duration

    11 Nov 2016 – 22 Nov 2016

  • Location

    San Francisco
    Italy, Madeira

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Fancy learning more about world cultures, natural history, and the journey we humans have taken to get to where we have? Then this is the perfect day out for you.

Art, sculpture, diamonds, and weaponry; the perfect collection to hold your interest, no matter what interests you. Join us for a tour of this world class museum in the heart of downtown Toronto. Enjoy exploring this vast collection, spanning some six million artifacts. exhibition of artifacts, stop off for a bite at the cafe, and end the trip by picking up a souvenir at the museum gift shop, a fantastic educational outing.

Cultural exhibits

Showcasing various cultures from around the world, The ROM exhibits aim to bring understanding, exploring artifacts from all over the world.

First nations’, chinese, korean, european cultures all find their place in thoughtful, contemporary and historical exhibits. Visitors find themselves immersed in the curated exhibitions, and leave with a greater appreciation for he variety of our human tapestry.

For every interest:

Ever think of a horse as a weapon? how about the different kinds of swords? come view the amazing collection of arms and armor at the ROM; Or, if you’re more inclined, check out the wonderful shapes, colors and variety of gems we rarely ever see outside of fancy jewelry; even though they have applications in everything from industry to medicine !

From paper dresses to Plate armor, the ROM has it all.

A holistic approach to curation is evident in the breadth of artifacts on display, so, whatever field of human endeavor intrigues you, the ROM surely has an exhibit you’ll find fascinating.

Feeling lost?

Download the ROM App!

with descriptions, maps, and tons of exposition; the ROM app is an invaluable addition to the ROM experience.