• Duration

    11 Nov 2016 – 22 Nov 2016

  • Location

    Seminyak Beach – Ja Ay
    San Francisco, USA

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The NHL Playoffs; the Rogers cup;the Grey Cup; the FIFA final and so much more! Are there any better reasons to get wildly excited, paint your face, fill up on snacks and cheer for your team ? A time to get out and socialize, meet new friends, eat way too much and enjoy yourself!

Join our dinner and have a great time watching the game  (Venue, menu, and teams playing to be released soon)

The Playoffs !

The NHL, lifeline of canadian fandom, come help us celebrate this years playoffs in style !


Soccer to Some, football to most; Join us for the most watched event in the world of sports; FIFA Final !

Described as the most intense 90 minutes of professional sports, FIFA.

Another year, another FIFA final, will it be another 7-0 shutout, or a breakneck 1-1 penalty finish? join us to find out!

And not least..

So many sports, so many events; the Rogers cup,  pinnacle of tennis achievement, the wild wild WWE, the intense Ashes, the fiercely competitive Grey cup, and the many other sports events in and around the city are the perfect venue for us to flaunt our fandom!

Join your fellow sports fans (no previous experience necessary, were always happy to explain whats going on !) and enjoy a great night out !

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